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CHROMA - Launch of Modules:

Simulation of Fluorescein Contact Lens

Chromatic Image Processing

Equipment in the approval process before ANVISA and patents at the PTO.

Meet Our Products

HERON is the first no- contact specular microscope locally developed, including hardware and software. If you want more information, please click Here !

CHROMA is the world’s first cornea topograph to use efficiently and intelligently  the chromatic processing of images.   With Plácido discs in RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue), CHROMA is capable of mapping  with superior precision regions of the cornea with greater irregularities in curvature. Therefore, due to the capacity of the image processing algorithms to separate discs of different colors, even with eyes presenting   problems like intense keratocone, post-keratoplastia and others, precise and correct mapping can be performed. If you want more information, please click Here !

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